Immortal Technique – The Martyr (2011)

This was my first Technique purchase. I got it quickly after first hearing him online because I read it was free from his label Viper Records; the post and packaging coming to a nice little £3. You can download it here or get your free copy here (2021 edit: link is now fucked). Burn this shit, as the CD so strongly suggests you do. Can’t go wrong with the ethic this label has, so go and peep that shit. 

I feel that this record is nowhere near as strong as Immortal’s earlier Revolution work. Don’t get me wrong, the raps are still full blown Immortal of old with the lightning quick flow and the heavy but clever political commentary, but strangely the chorus of nearly every single song is absolutely gash! It’s like so much of the Immortal Technique experience is focused on his words, that the chorus is an afterthought. None of them are particularly strong and all go on far too long. I find myself dying for it to end so the next verse can come in. Shit choruses aside, Immortal is on top form here with some of his mind-opening songs about the reality of this world. If you want more from your average bitches-and-guns hip-hop, get this!