Venetian Snares – Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole EP Vol. 2 (2005)

Initially, I was puzzled to why the WIAFS album was split into 2 parts on vinyl. I could live with it, but it annoyed me nonetheless. When I espied part 2 for cheap on Discogs, I snapped it up. Little did I know until this arrived (go me for researching properly) that these two volumes are just two tracks a piece; one on each side. Man that sucks! I guess it was an easy way to release four singles off the record for DJ consumption, or something. But shit guys, call it something else, will ya!

The tracks here are “Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die” and “Winnipeg as Mandatory Scat Feed”; excellent tracks in their own right but not the half an album that I was expecting. The tracks on this record seem more gabba orientated than anything. Well, when I say gabba orientated I mean that it’s the usual Venetian Snares mindfuck affair with the addition of some phat, distorted 909 kick drums. Bitch please, this is hard work!

Nevertheless, I am a sucker for aural punishment and I enjoy this release, short as it is. This seems to be out on the efforts of Bang A Rang (an imprint of Peace Off records), and I’m pleased to say has full artwork printed, unlike the Planet Mu pressings of most Venetian Snares stuff. If you’ve never heard Snares, here is probably a good place to start.