Bucket Full Of Teeth – IV (2005)

I always forget how much I love BFOT until I spin this one-sided nightmare. The mix of power electronics and harsh (dare I say it) post-grind really is something to behold. The electronic and noise passages range from the downright horrid and nasty through to floral and sprawling; lush soundscapes of peace acting as intermissions between the balls-to-the-wall full band pieces, which are something to behold all on their own with their genre-bending groovyness.

BFOT go from sounding like Magrudergrind to Dillinger Escape Plan to Pelican in one forty second blast of hell, and before you can figure out what the fuck is going on, you’ve got harsh noise melting your face, or rich ambience lulling you into a false sense of security before the next round of perplexing ‘metal’ commences. Holy fuck. One could argue that the formula of nice/noise/nice/noise is tiring, but here it works so well; you really are kept guessing and not one single part sounds the same.

I must implore you to listen to BFOT yourselves. I believe they are long split up and the record long sold out, so download that bitch and have a gander. I got this really cheap and you can still get it cheap off record collector sites such as Discogs. The original press by Level Plane was 300 on yellow (why so low?) but that was quickly followed up by 300 on a red/yellow half and half split, and then 500 on green marble. I personally think the green marble looks the best.