Goldie Lookin Chain – You Knows It 1983 (2002)

This is the Gold Dust Gramaphonics pressing of GLC’s 2002 seemingly untitled EP. You Knows It 1983 is written on the back under the logo, so I’ve just used that as the name for now. All we have here is basically a collection of skits and old tracks, one of which would go on to appear on the 2005 record Safe As Fuck.

Side a kicks off with “Roller Disco Remix”, which is just that; a remix of the track “Roller Disco”. That’s all I can say about that really (ha). “Mike Balls Unofficial Soccer Anthem” is a really shit song if I’m a honest. Side b fares a bit better, the “Nan Jam” is cute at best although it does have some amusing references, but “Monkey Love” is fucking hilarious on all accounts. An auto-tuned ode to fucking a primate? Sounds good. “Shit Yourself” reminds me of something that Start! Start! would churn out, and that can only make me smile!

In all seriousness though, I wouldn’t recommend this 12″ to anyone, apart from maybe some close friends who find poo jokes hilarious.