Sikfuk – Gore Delicious (2002)

(2021 Edit: thanks to Photobucket for fucking my only picture of this release with a whopping sopping wet cunt of a watermark. There are 2 other versions of this release, the artwork on mine is posted at the bottom of this post. Fuck you Photobucket!)

Welcome to Lines In Wax’s first CD post! Holy mother, I’ve sold the fuck out. It had to happen eventually; it is a dark world where every single piece of music recorded isn’t available on vinyl. The way this site has grown over the last year and continues to grow, I have no choice but to include CDs here to totally cover my music collection (you won’t believe the number of CDs I’ve left out because they are available on vinyl and I’ve yet to swap formats – it’s absolutely ridiculous!). Anyways, here’s to another dimension and era of Lines In Wax as it enters it’s second year of existence. Peace!

What draws me to Sikfuk’s work is the very unique track names, and their interesting approach to the whole death metal and grindcore music scene. Seemingly mocking the vocalists of death metal bands, vocalist and guitarist Captain Shitbeard appears to have adopted guttural grunts and thought-provoking noises in lieu of actual song lyrics.

Although the music is equally as technical as it is sloppy, and that it is particularly obvious that Sikfuk have indeed not opted to visit an expensive studio to record their debut album, the sound is still very sick indeed. The guitars chug and shred with ample dexterity and skill. The bass rattles and clanks with an almost elegant air. The drumming is erratic and psychotic and I feel that the percussion is what gives the record it’s pleasing sloppy feel.

Nearly every single track is preceded by a seemingly random sample. Although predictable for this particular genre, the chosen clips are relatively short and very entertaining, and act as welcome breaks to the pulverizing death metal sound. My own reservation against this disc is the length of the record. Just as I begin to fully become enraptured in enjoyment of the disc, it comes to a brisk end. It’s not an extremely short record, I just feel the band could have added several extra tracks to this package instead of wasting three excellent songs on the seemingly pointless split release with Captain Shitbeard’s other band, Kretan.

The sleeve on my copy of Gore Delicious appears to be a grainy digital image of a lesbian orgy, Photo-shopped to include fake blood dripping from several orifices. There is also an alternative sleeve version, which features two armless nude women sitting at a table at a high-class restaurant. The third available version of the sleeve art is a close up shot of some uninspiring gore. Maybe these versions were out on different labels? My version was pressed by United Gutteral records. 

I would recommend this disc to anybody interested in a more humorous and interesting take on the quite frankly tired death metal template. Although, for anybody new to Sikfuk I would like to direct their attention to their 2006 effort, Teabagged At Birth, which has a much more polished and accessible sound, but is still as equally pleasing. Failing that, the latest drum-machine fuelled opus Shitfisted Superman is heavy as fucking fuck.