Post Mortem – Seasoned NoSalt Makes My Beef Stew Taste Like My Beef Stew (1991)

Post Mortem is another Seth Putnam band* from back in the day before Anal Cunt gained any particularly large international recognition. Although Seth is only on side A, he put this out on his own label; Wicked Sick Records (RIP). His vocals here show a whole different side to the guy so deeply associated with his usual shitty AxCx gargles and screams. Post Mortem themselves seem a bit lost musically, there is a whole lot of shit going on here although the main vein is slow heavy sludge mixed with more trad-doom stylings.

The vocals are straining and harsh as per always but they are so so so good. If you think that Morbid Florist is the best Anal Cunt stuff then you will definitely love this. That is the most similar AxCx vocal style to this. Side B is a lot faster and with a different vocalist (the guitarist of the band), whilst he’s not quite Seth Putnam he’s still pretty awesome. Definitely a collector’s item, but if you want to hear a side to Seth other than Anal Cunt, this is always an interesting listen.

*This is not strictly true. Post Mortem have a long and varied history without Seth. It’s just that for me (and probably a lot of other ignorant noise/grind fans lol) this was just another 7″ on the huge list of bands that Seth has participated in.