Mixomatosis – Convento Infernal (2006)

At first glance this 7″ looks awesome, but take a closer look at the artwork and you’ll notice it is actually badly drawn. Nevermind! Epic studio quality shits from Mixomatosis with hilarious vocals. Terrible samples aside, this music is well recorded and well put together, but side B’s live track is a bit shit, if I’m honest. Also, at 45rpm it is over in such a short time. 

I wouldn’t know where to start with Mixomatosis’ rather extensive back catalogue as I kind of stumbled onto them by chance (worked with them on a 7″ compilation), but this does seem to be the best studio quality Mixo-stuff out there that I have heard. Perhaps I need more education in this crazy band’s work? Neuralgia records’ diatribe of pressing “ONLY TRUE UNDERGROUND, FRIEND” is tiring at best. That is all. I apologise for the massive overtones of negativity.