Godflesh – Slavestate Remixes (1991)

I initially thought this just a completists item, and being a total crazy fan I simply had to get a copy on my quest to own all Godflesh stuff. The “Radioslave” version carries the original off on a whole new tangent, keeping the opening 90s dance vibe as its leading beat rather than heading into the heaviness the original does. The sample of the lyric “Jesus!” blares continually. “Total State” batters “Slavestate” into an unrecognisable mess, and if the world has fallen apart, or the song had demonically re-arranged itself within the machine. Almost as if the computer has taken over the song. Nasty. “Perfect Skin Dub” on the other hand, is rather relaxing for a smoldering fuck of a drawn out remix. All hope that remained in the original has been squashed and crushed to fucking nothing.

This original Earache package didn’t last very long, but surprisingly it isn’t very expensive. I guess people have to want something for it to be collectable. Horrible Godflesh self-remixes obviously weren’t the order of the day in 1991. But if horrible re-workings of usually clinically precise songs are your bag, get some of this.