Wormrot – Abuse (2009)

This is the TVG Global Thrashcore Dealer pressing of Abuse, which I picked up before it was re-released by Earache a short while later. I got this off Shane Embury’s FETO stall in Deathfest 2010 (or were Wormrot selling this next to Shane Embury’s stall? That would make much more sense, surely? I don’t know!) back when Wormrot were very much unknown in the UK. They have come a long way since, and two full UK tours later I feel they have now (rightly) cemented themselves as a leading name in the international world of grind. I had never heard Wormrot before thier show at Deathfest apart from maybe in the car on the way to the festival, but that never counts. I was blown away and headed straight to the merch stall afterwards to snatch this record.

For those who do not know, this band is a three piece, but certainly does not lack any punch for it. This is flat out blasting grind at its best, stopping or slowing only to fall into some of sort of d-beat or pit-widening riff. “Fuck…I’m Drunk” is one of the best song titles ever, and it proves that the band have quite the sense of humour (as does the inclusion of a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s cover song). I’m not sure how hard it is to pick up this version of Abuse, what with the Earache presses saturating the market. I know that the CD version contains a metric fuckton of bonus material that this record doesn’t possess, but it’s gotta be wax-over-digitrax any day!