1349 – Hellfire (2006)

Another smashing Back On Black black metal pressing (did you have to read that twice? Ha ha). This is really fancy, smooth and shiny and looking as sexy as black metal can in all its gatefold glory. I learned my lesson after purchasing Burzum’s Burzum and instead got this from HMV for the fucking criminal price of £9.99 including delivery rather than being raped by Plastic Head. Why go direct, eh?

1349 are something else. I’m not particularly massively into black metal anymore but they are one of the modern day black metal bands that continue to impress me. This record is fucking nasty! It is just so fast, so brutal, so necro! Frost is an absolute animal on the drum kit. I heard “Sculptor of Flesh” by accident back when this first came out and I was totally blown away by it. After finally seeing the band live recently I decided it was about time to get some records. Whilst some of their other albums have been a tad questionable for various different reasons, Hellfire is relentless and absolutely punishing and is a must for die hard black metallers. Listen and love, reading masses!

It is hard to pick stand out tracks so I’ll just go and put the first song “I Am Abomination” as this post’s video link. The drumming is absolutely insane on this record, even if it sounds like Frost is playing on cardboard boxes. Also, somehow I forgot to take pictures of the actual discs (Ha) for this post (what a twat). I almost put my girlfriend’s camera back together and took some more but all you need to know is that they are black and rather boring, so I decided against it. Another Lines In Wax first; a vinyl blog post with no pictures of vinyl. Stayin’ original, that’s what that is.