Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (1999)

One of my all time favourite songs! Shaming that I never got around to buying this any sooner too! And I gotta say, it sounds fucking massive on vinyl. The higher vocal frequencies end up in fizz a bit, but the bassier parts are much more prominent to what I am usually expecting. Also, the panning seems somewhat different? The joys of analogue music (assuming Aphex Twin was still using analogue equipment to make his noises by the time Windowlicker came out). The title track is nothing short of demented; the beats and tune itself are not too spasmodic although they do flex or burst every now and then as if underneath epilepsy-triggering breakcore is trying to push through, but the groaning, squealing, moaning vocal contributions are nothing short of down-right retarded. What the hell is wrong with this guy!? Who knows.

If you thought side A was a trip, the second track is something else (I won’t even bother trying to write it out here, just Google this release to find out the name of it). It sequences manically between wop-wop-wop bass with head-nodding drums and noises far from beyond the ether, created by pushing the boundaries of electronic equipment in ways that it was never designed to be pushed. The final track, “Nannou”, rounds everything off nicely, all lovey dovey and chilled with what sounds like a million clocks ticking and winding; although I suspect under the correct substances this could instead sound (and feel) like a swarm of crickets festering on every inch of your flesh. Hmmm.

As always (or most ways haha) this Aphex Twin wax was pressed by Sheffield’s very own Warp Records. I would also like to draw your attention to the artwork, which is fucking amazing. A proper “why didn’t I think of that?” moment. Imagine your very visage grafted onto to a smoking hot chick. It is enough to give you the creepies. As per usual, the Aphex Twin video for this takes the whole concept a million steps further.