Anal Cunt – Wearing Out Our Welcome (2011)

I don’t think in the history of music that an album title has so correctly summed up it’s contents like this one. By the time Anal Cunt announced that they were working on a new album that wasn’t shitty attempts at rock music, most people had either forgotten or given up completely. Now you have to take what I’m saying here with a pinch of salt because it is Anal Cunt and it is hard to use the terms sloppy, awful and hideous without highlighting their good points. But, Wearing… is tired, boring and badly recorded. It is unfinished, yes, but a crap end to a long line of ear-melting music.

The worst thing about this entire release is the shitty, overdubbed backing vocals. They are weak, too loud in the mix and absolutely ruin what remaining awesomeness this record had. Unfortunately, songs without these vocals are few and far between. Due to Seth’s death the record was unfinished so perhaps I am unfair in my current judgement, but this one-sided, 12″ muddy mess is very, very disappointing indeed.

You can however thank the awesome Limited Appeal records for bringing us this post-humous look into what AxCx were in the process of churning out for us next. Their intentions were good, I’m sure. It’s not their fault this is a steaming disappointment. There are only 394 copies pressed, and 81 of them are on green vinyl. I have also recently discovered that a repress has also been issued, and that too is sold out.