Gorgonized Dorks / Humanextermination Project – Split Tape (2011)

July 14, 2012

“It’s really hard to tell which side is which!” These are my first thoughts upon playing this little brown rectangle of hell. Both sides feature noise maniac Katz Seki, and I’m not sure what is meant to be Gorgonized Dorks and what is meant to be his solo/side project Humanextermination Project. After inspecting the packaging it seems that drums are only credited to the G.Dorks side so what I am listening to now must be them. This is apparently recorded live, and when it does sound rough as hell, it has a more d.i.y. studio feel than a live recording. It is horrible noise, but it is recorded well, regardless! The ever-prolific Gorgonized Dorks can be a bit hit and miss on occasion, but there is something about their strangle concoction of noisecore that keeps me coming back for more. I guess I have a limited noisecore palette, and Gorgonized Dorks is lodged firmly on that palette.

I flip the tape over after a few minutes to catch a bit of side B to finish off this quick review and instead of the expected noise attack I am subjected to a whole bunch of shitty country music. I’m not sure if this is inserted as some sort of sick joke (if it is then it works, this God loving Western shit is physically nauseating and forty times more horrible than any noise music) or if it’s just left at the end of a dub-over, but jesus fuck! Someone make it stop! I’m done with this confusing-ass tape!

Oh, and by the way, this was dubbed on one of America’s finest shitty-noisecore tape labels; Sludglesicle Records. Go check them out, they don’t half get through some releases. (2020 edit: RIP Mike!) 

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