Lazarus Blackstar – Lazarus Blackstar 7″ (2006)

June 26, 2012
Lazarus Blackstar – Lazarus Blackstar 7″ (2006)

This is one of my favourite 7″s! Paul Catten fronted Lazarus Blackstar is a rare beastie, but a feckin’ good ‘un. In my opinion their existence can be summed up in this cracking little EP (not that the records aren’t any good), which really acts as an an album sampler for Funeral Voyeur more than anything. Side A eclipses side B, “Make Believe Master” is enormously heavy and ridiculously catchy for something of this slow and brutal nature. “Anaesthetic Stopped Me Screaming” is a lot more drawn out and doomy, opening with a hellish scream from Catten before plunging into the sludgiest, deepest pits of self loathing. Grim stuff!

Calculon Records put this out in 2006, and I picked it up cheap as chips from Bri Doom et al at the excellent Deathfest 2009 in Leeds. I am unsure of pressing quantity, but it seems that all of the numbers were pressed on pink vinyl with black splatter. Doomilicious.

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