Cripple Bastards / Looking For An Answer – Split 6″ (2011)

I’ve become very selective with my grind purchases these days (which is a real shame, but money is a factor), but this looked really interesting so I picked it up. I love the homage-style splits that come around every so often, and this one features two really awesome players in the grind scene so it would have been daft not to get it. I got it in June 2011 at some stall in Hellfest, three months after it’s initial release on Rescued From Life Records.

I don’t want to spend ages picking this one apart, because I don’t feel right doing it. This is a blistering cover-fest by two no-nonsense grindcore outfits, and can only really be described as that. You must have been living under a rock if you’re into grind and not familiar at least with one Cripple Bastards release; these folks have been going for fucking ages. Here they cover tracks by Impulsive Manslaughter and Negative FX. Even the influencers have their influences! (Does that sound stupid? Fuck it). Looking For An Answer spew out cover versions of Ruido De Rabia and Napalm Death.

I’d recommend this little 6″ to fans of both modern blasting grind and to fans of 80s hardcore/crust. It’s a modern day homage to the latter, and an excellent passageway backwards in time for the uninitiated. It’s still pretty cheap to pick up too.