Birdflesh / Hatebeak – Split 7″ (2007)

(2021 edit: I’ve included the original shitty pictures/scans for this post because it was one of the first I ever did for Lines In Wax, over ten years ago!)

This here is one of the very first 7″s I ever bought! Birdflesh split with the hilarious Hatebeak on Relapse Records. I have the repress edition of 500 on transparent purple / green splatter. The original press consisted of 400 yellow and 100 clear (currently for sale on Discogs from Relapse themselves).

Hatebeak are just a novelty. If you’ve not heard them, it’s quite interesting. It’s pretty bog-standard low-production value death metal with a parrot as a vocalist. Yes, the parrot is also capable of death metal lows as well as it’s natural shrieks. Excellent!

Birdflesh are as happy and chirpy as ever, their tunes very uplifting for grind, almost a party vibe going on here. “Harmony Barn” will get you headbanging like a clinically insane maniac, while “Happy Death” is just ridiculous. Happy awesome grind for all!