Black Sun / They Are Cowards – Split 7″ (2009)

This is the Black Sun split 7″ with They Are Cowards that was put out by At War With False Noise in 2009 on a super limited run of 300 black copies. Not much to say here, as this is really a collectors item. Black Sun’s input is an earlier version of “Code Black” which was to later to go on to appear as the opener to their album “Twilight of the Gods”. It’s a brilliant tune.

They are Cowards appear to have that hardcore band look about their artwork but they are actually very doomy, and their single track “First and Only” is pretty good. However, this is yet another one of those splits where one band totally out-does the other, and the winner this time just has to be Black Sun.

As far as I’m aware, this release is out of print, but you can get it dirt cheap on Discogs.