Anal Cunt – 88 Song EP (1989)

This is the first ever EP by legendary noise fools Anal Cunt. It was originally self-released in 1989 by the band, and then re-released in 1997 by Fudgeworthy Records. The Fudgeworthy version (the version I own) was a 1000 pieces on grey wax. The originally 1989 release was on black, although I am unsure how many were made. The 1st original pressing is extremely collectable.

If anything, this was a mere sampler of what was to come with the 5643 Song EP, which was released shortly after this. The narrated intro is a great start; the record crackles into life with a brilliant “Hello!” before bashing your head with 88 songs of pure noise, totalling 12 minutes. The drum sound is really good on here, and is a lot clearer than on later AxCx releases. Worth a download (it’s out of print so it’s okay!).