Anal Cunt – 5643 Song EP (1989)

What a horrible, horrible record! This is Anal Cunt’s ridiculous 5643 Song EP, self-released by Seth and put out in Europe by TNT & Records and Stridecore Records. This is one of the European pressings, which is identifiable by it’s slightly odd and perplexing rude artwork. According to scarce info available, this release was pressed continuously in 10 different colours, causing insane overlapping effects on some extremely rare copies. One obscenely rare version of a creamy marble effect is currently for sale on Discogs for £3800 (no joke, but the link might die if some idiot buys it)! I was lucky and I managed to get this for £25.

Musically, side A starts off with a sinister slow riff before bursting into a barrage of Anal Cunt’s old school noise attack, multiplied sixteen fold. For those not in the know, there are sixteen tracks playing “songs” at any one time. AxCx recorded all drums, vocals and guitars into one track and then repeated the process fifteen more times. How else would you fit 5643 songs on one 7″ spinning at 33?

It’s easy to pass this off as a novelty but do not forget that this is a piece of noisecore history; Anal Cunt’s good effect on grind and noise stems from these years, and while they were to canter into more questionable territory later on in their career, people need to stop and not forget about this era of AxCx’s music – they were once more than that band with the nasty / hilarious song titles, they were helping to shape genres.

USA version had a different cover.