Agathocles – Gotcha (2004)

This is Agathocles’ short EP called “Gotcha”, which is a collection of tracks that originally appeared on their split CD with Comrades (and Ravage on the Malaysia version, by yet another label) that was released by SOA Records. There isn’t label or pressing info included in the release, or easily available online. It is unclear whether the band re-released these songs on this 7″ themselves, or it was done as a bootleg.

Judging by the artwork quality I’d take a guess at this being a bootleg, but with Agathocles’ varying degrees of output I can’t really tell for sure. The sound is harsh as usual, but the mix seems to drown out a lot of the actual sound in pure distortion. If you have any information on this release then feel free to leave a comment or email me, I’m really in the dark with this one!