Atomçk / Paucities – Split 7″ (2011)

Atomçk split with Paucities on black wax, release in March 2011 by a whole team of small labels working together, which is really cool. 7 Degrees Records, Selfish Satan Recordings, Killing Art Records, Rauha Turva & Ill Neglect all worked together to put out this release. All copies are black.

Atomçk is the strongest band here by a country mile; their modern “nerdy” grind outshines Paucities’ usual noisy mush. That’s not to say that Paucities aren’t any good – they really are, but it’s one of those split 7″s when one band almost eclipses the other. Atomçk are pretty local to me so it’s great to see such a good band come out of the area. I highly recommend this split, you can still get it on Discogs pretty cheap. Or, if your super cool and into supporting the underground and all that shit, you can get a copy straight from Atomçk themselves, by clicking here (2021 edit: link is dead, soz).