Slimewave #2 – Cripple Bastards / Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition – Split 7″ (2006)

This is Slimewave issue #2, featuring Cripple Bastards and Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition. As always with Relapse’s Slimewave Series, it’s strictly limited to 1000 pieces. This is number 379 of 900 on white/blue splatter; the other 100 being the usual clear pressing that Relapse always does.

Cripple Bastards’ side isn’t entirely different from a lot of their later stuff, but that in no way implies that it isn’t any good; it’s relentless blasting grind at it’s best. Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition I’m not too familiar with outside of this split. They offer a death-metal-tinged approach to their grinding sound. It makes me think of early 90s Napalm Death but with lower, more brutal death metal vocal styles.