V/A – Shred Yr Face 2 – Split 7″ (2009)

Shred Yr Face is a 3-way split 7″ featuring The Bronx, Fucked Up & Rolo Tomassi. It was released on a pressing of 1000 red by Wichita Recordings, Matador Records, Hassle Records & the somewhat elusive Coalition Records in 2009. It was sold on the tour featuring all three of the bands on the record.

I picked this up in Spillers Records a while ago, I remember buying it because it was cheap and I’d heard of all the bands on there. I remember particularly good praise for Rolo Tomassi. I guess this is an OK record, excellent if you love this kind of stuff, but I find it goes unplayed most of the time. Would consider selling / trading; there’s nothing wrong with it, there’s just a million other things I would rather own instead.